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5 Home Cleaning Tools We Use

Home cleaning can be quite a hassle but that can be turned around if you have the right tools. Home cleaning is a necessity which means cleaning tools are also a necessity. These are some of the cleaning tools you need to have your home clean at most times.

1.Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners help to keep the floors and other surfaces clean. Vacuum cleaners also help to keep allergies away because they have the ability to remove dust from surfaces. Vacuum cleaners may seem fancy but they make cleaning easier and less tiring; can you imagine cleaning a carpet without a vacuum cleaner? Vacuum attachments also come in handy when cleaning blinds, upholstery and other things like seats. They also come in handy when removing some pests like bedbugs; you only need to make sure the bedbugs are disturbed to make their removal easier.

2.Broom stick

This is a very important tool in home cleaning; it is used together with a dustpan. A handbroom comes in handy when you want to dust fans, doors, walls and windows. It can also be used to sweep the floow and other wet surfaces. Brooms come in different types and each type has its specific purpose. Fibre brooms are best used for wooden surfaces or marble surfaces. White straw brooms can be quite abrasive and that’s why they are best used for outdoor surfaces. The best way to take care of a broom is by storing it upside down to prevent the fiber losing its shape.

3.A sponge

A sponge is a porous material that absorbs water or any liquid dirt. Sponges come in many types and shapes; you only need to choose the ones that suit your needs. It is advisable to have a variety of sponges ranging from regular sponges to some that have an abrasive side to some that have a microfiber side. Sponges can harbor germs and it is therefore important to make sure that you clean them after every use. Also, make sure they are dried outside before storing them in the right place.


Squeegees are best used for windows since they don’t leave any dirty streaks on windows; they clean and they ‘wipe off’ the excess water. They are also used to clean the bathrooms they help in keeping showers mold free. Squeegees should be cleaned after use because they can harbor germs like moulds when stored unclean.


A bucket comes in handy in a number of chores like carrying around your cleaning supplies depending on their size. Buckets can also be used to mop the house, they can be used to store or carry water and they can also be used to store your cleaning supplies once you are done with cleaning. Buckets also come in handy when you have to transfer your laundry from the machine to your hanging lines. Always make sure the buckets are cleaned after use and they should be stored away from too much light especially direct sunshine to prevent cracking.



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